Work Authorization and Compliance

Project Completed

Problem Statement

No single end-to-end Work Authorization process exists that balances compliance with the employee experience.

Business Case

In order to improve compliance, a team will be established to focus on the following measurements:

  • Timely turnaround for audits

  • Accurate and timely reporting and documentation

  • Reduction in number of out of compliance Form I-9s


  • Establish a Work Authorization Quality Assurance (WAQA) Team that will contribute to establishing governance controls to reduce risk, improve service and achieve process adherence. The WAQA team will be a point of contact to support the Compliance Officer (AVC P&C) perform audits, achieve compliance, address knowledge gaps, identify data integrity issues, and align all process improvements with Federal, State and UCOP compliance through collaboration, transparency, and accurate and timely reporting and documentation.


  • WAQA Compliance Officer confirmed
  • WAQA team members identified
  • WAQA team operational charter created 
  • Regular team meetings established
  • Communication and escalation processes established and operationalized

Project Leaders

  • Sponsors: Eugene Whitlock, Heather Archer
  • Project Lead: Janet Speer

For more information on the WAQA Team, visit: