Independent Advisory Board (IAB) Staff to the Board & (2023-24) Recommendations Implementation Project

Project Overview

Each year the Chancellor's IAB on Police Accountability & Community Safety submits a report to the Chancellor including recommendations for improving safety on and around campus. This project's objectives include both implementing the Chancellor's approved recommendations and serving as the Chancellor's Staff to the Board.

Project Details

Project Charter (Expand)

Problem Statement

The Chancellor’s Independent Advisory Board on Police Accountability and Campus Safety submits an annual report including recommendations that the Chancellor reviews and responds with approved and/or modified recommendations.  These recommendations are expected to implemented within the year’s timeframe.  Relations between the IAB, the Administration, and UCPD have been strained in past years.


  • To serve as the Chancellor’s Staff to the Board

  • To implement approved/modified IAB annual report recommendations

  • Facilitate communication between the IAB and campus administration

  • Participate in IAB community events

Success Metrics

  • Regular collaboration between the IAB co-chairs and UCPD, Chancellor’s Office, and VCA

  • IAB Annual Report including constructive recommendations

Project Leaders

Sponsor: Khira Griscavage

Project Manager/Chancellor's Staff to the Board: Russ Ballati 

Steering Team Members: Khira Griscavage, Marc Fisher, Chief Yogananda Pittman

Status Report

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Project Status

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