Security Technology

Project Completed

Problem Statement

“Elements of our country’s law enforcement culture dehumanize some of the very people whose safety and wellness police officers are sworn to protect, especially the Black community. Here, on campus, we know and have acknowledged that we can and must do better to find new approaches to policing and community safety. “     - Chancellor Christ 6/18/2020 email to campus

Business Case

As part of the Reimagining UC Berkeley Campus and Community Safety Program, security technologies including building access, security alarms and security video can be transitioned to more appropriate departments to manage in coordination with UCPD.


  • To transition electronic building access management to IS&T and Facilities.
  • To transition metal keys management to Facilities.
  • To transition technical management of video surveillance technology to IS&T.
  • To transition security alarm maintenance and management to Facilities.

Success Metrics

  • The processes for each of the security technologies transition without interruption or reduced service to the end users of the services.

Project Leaders

  • Sponsor: Chancellor Carol Christ
  • Project Manager: Russ Ballati
  • Functional Lead: Jenn Stringer