Prevent to Recover (P2R) End-to-End Process Documentation Project

Project Overview

Our goal is to have a well-defined and documented Prevent to Recover (P2R) end-to-end process that is not only comprehensive but also widely disseminated. This will enhance our readiness and coordination in the face of incidents and safety emergencies.

Project Details

Project Charter (Expand)

Problem Statement

Campus lacks broadly disseminated and clearly defined & documented processes for the Prevent to Recover (P2R) end-to-end to ensure we have a transparent, timely, and well coordinated approach to incidents (e.g. protests) and other safety emergencies (e.g. wildfires, earthquake,active shooter, etc.).


  • Identify the processes under each pillar of Prevent to Recover (P2R).

  • Prioritize what processes to document

  • Identifying process owners

  • Embed the overall Prevent to Recover (P2R) structure into the culture and UCB Community.

Success Metrics

  • TBD

Project Leaders

Sponsor: Marc Fisher

Project Manager: Mike Cook

Process Lead: Nick Endsley

Status Report

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Project Status

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