Run. Hide. Fight. Training Video Project

Project Overview

Berkeley requires a consistent approach to active threat response, emphasizing the need for relevant, culturally-appropriate, and actionable training with measurable outcomes. This heightened preparedness aims to improve the perceptions of safety among UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff. By establishing a standard of excellence in active threat preparedness, Berkeley can set a benchmark for higher education institutions.

Project Details

Project Charter (Expand)

Problem Statement

Berkeley’s active threat training has been fragmented with new students and some departments being trained on the ALICE response model while other departments train on Run.Hide.Fight.  After receiving approval from campus leadership groups, this project will establish Run.Hide.Fight. as the campus standard by creating and launching a training video with the help of an outside production company.


Design a training video that:

  • Embodies Berkeley’s Spirit
  • Is designed with sensitivity awareness, inclusive and acceisible
  • Aligns with UCPD and Emergency Plans
  • Modularly designed for future updates
  • Launch a media campaign to all of the campus community

Success Metrics

  • % of campus community views as defined during the Awareness Campaign planning
  • Post-viewing survey results meet/exceed goals set during Awareness Campaign planning
  • Future minor updates are possible without the need of outside specialists

Project Leaders

Sponsor: Jason Ferguson

Project Manager: Russ Ballati

Project Team Members: 
Abigail K Ogden (Clery), Angela Stopper (P&C Training), Brian Gotts (Serenity), Stephanie Ngan, Steve Johnston (DAC), Ellen Topp, Neil Freese, Sabrina Reich (UCPD), Jess Cook (Serenity), Melissa Collins (UCOP)

Status Report

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Project Status

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