Active Threat Preparedness Project

Project Overview

Assessing and upgrading the campus' policies and protocols for responding to active shooter threats.  The urgency to ensure we have the most efficient and effective response means implementing short term changes immediately and working on longer efforts thereafter.  This project is a preliminary to a forthcoming broader Emergency Management initiatives.

Project Details

Project Charter (Expand)

Problem Statement

There has been an increase in education institutions across the country reporting active shooter threats and incidents. Berkeley needs to continue its efforts to be a leader in active threat prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery strategies including improved communication efforts.


  • Improve the reach and efficiency of communications during active shooter incidents including all campus affiliated people, off-campus locations and non-affiliated campus visitors

  • Improve the response timing and procedures during active shooter and similar types of campus emergencies

  • Ensure awareness and training for active shooter and related incidents are available and offered for all campus affiliates and non-affiliates on campus

Success Metrics

  • Active Shooter training and awareness reaches desired populations. Campus community familiar with prevention and response protocols
  • Regular EOC activation tests and drills  demonstrate solid knowledge of response protocols by key process participants from beginning through the resolution of an event
  • Solid communication approach for event response 

Project Leaders

Sponsor: Marc Fisher and Khira Griscavage

Project Manager: Russ Ballati

Project Team Members and Roles: Janet Gilmore (comms/public affairs), Michael Thompson (EOC), Abby Ogden (Clery/messaging), Sabrina Reich (UCPD), Joey Williams (UCPD), Chris DeMarco (Change Management), Nick Endsley (Process Management), Laila DeBerry (Risk), Allison Anderson-Cutright-Cisneros (Continuity), Layla Naranja (Student Affairs), Steve Johnston (DAC)

Steering Team Members: Yogananda Pittman (UCPD), Seamus Wilmot (EOC), David Robinson (Legal), Sally McGarrahan (Facilities), Diana Harvey (Public Affairs), Al Day (Center for Support & Intervention), Sunny Lee (Dean of Students), Ella Callow (DAC)

Status Report

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Project Status

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Project Closed