BRS Student Hiring Process Project

Project Overview

The BRS Student Hiring Process is a critical component of our organization's success, as it ensures we have a steady stream of talented individuals to support our mission. In order to optimize this process, we have identified a need to conduct a comprehensive review and documentation of our current process. This review will provide us with valuable insights into the timeline of the hiring process, allowing us to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement. By implementing these improvements, we will be able to streamline our hiring process, reducing the time and resources required to onboard new talent. This will enable us to maintain a competitive edge in our industry and attract the best and brightest students to our organization. Ultimately, this initiative will enhance our ability to achieve our organizational goals and drive continued success for the regions.

Project Details

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Problem Statement

The BRS Student Hiring process is in need of improvement due to the absence of recent documentation and clear timelines outlining the necessary steps to hire a student. This lack of documentation has led to confusion and possible inefficiencies in the hiring process, resulting in prolonged hiring times and potentially causing us to miss out on talented candidates. Without a clear understanding of the process requirements, and expectations of the hiring process, we are unable to identify areas for improvement, hindering our ability to optimize the process and attract top talent to our organization.


Map the Student hiring process in order to:

  1. Understand Lead Time, Wait Time, and Processing Time of the process

  2. Create full transparency of the steps in the process (who does what)

  3. Identify pain points in Hiring Process

  4. Identify recommendations for improvements

Success Metrics

  • End-to-end process fully mapped with estimated processing, delay and lead time

  • End-to-end process published

Project Leaders

Sponsor: Patrick Reedy

Project Managers/Process Lead: Priya Sarran

Process Manager: Nick Endsley  

Team Members: Jeremy Michael Engleman, Justin Rozal, Layla Naranjo, Laila DeBerry, Blanca Nuila, Renee, Aza (Visa)

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Project Status

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Project Closed