Membership Fees Invoice Processing Project

Project Overview

This project is the result of a compliance issue, and action must be taken to adhere to the accounting methodology that aligns with the procedures used to update the UCB ledger.

Project Details

Project Charter (Expand)

Problem Statement

The accounting process for recording membership fee invoices is currently out of compliance with GAAP. As a result, an assessment of membership fee invoicing ownership needs to be completed, in addition to the creation of updated process documentation and transition to a new process owner.


  • Document current state invoice process

  • Establish and document new invoice process

  • Track migration of existing contracts to new ownership

  • Determine individuals who will be performing new invoice process (i.e. establish roles and responsibilities)

  • Communicate requirements to affected areas 

  • Document and support transition of existing contracts to new process owner

IN Scope

  • Process documentation: current state, transitioned state, handoff process
  • Determine new process owners 
  • Automation of revenue allocation (i.e. 80/20 revenue split between home dept and IAO)
  • Determine if membership fees are to be assessed AFC

OUT of Scope

  • [TBD]

Success Metrics

  • Fully transitioned invoice process by Nov 1
  • Complete process documentation in Promapp
  • Assigned staff to each program

Project Leaders

Sponsor: Seamus Wilmot (BRS)/ Mike Riley (Controller)

Project Manager: Mary Michael (BPMO)

Process Lead: Chris DeMarco (BPMO)

Project Team Members and Roles: Elizabeth Chavez (CGA), Kate Lewis (IAO), Eric Giegerich (IAO), Kirsten Wechling, (BFS AR Director), Anoop S Hirdani (BFS Systems Team Manager), Fenny Teng  (BFS Systems Team Lead), Michelle Teoh (CGA Financial Analyst), Nicole Delhomme (AR Manager), Kwan Kim (BFS:AR Analyst)

Status Report

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Project Status

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Project Closed