Project Completed

Problem Statement

“Elements of our country’s law enforcement culture dehumanize some of the very people whose safety and wellness police officers are sworn to protect, especially the Black community. Here, on campus, we know and have acknowledged that we can and must do better to find new approaches to policing and community safety. “     - Chancellor Christ 6/18/2020 email to campus

Business Case

As part of the Reimagining UC Berkeley Campus and Community Safety Program, identifying an additional location for fingerprinting away from Sproul Hall and administered by non-law enforcement staff will give students, faculty and staff an option for getting fingerprinted without the presence of law enforcement.


  • To establish an additional location(s) for performing fingerprinting away from the current UCPD location at Sproul Hall.
    • To add a 3rd party fingerprinting solution beyond a 2nd fingerprinting station on campus. 
  • To administer fingerprinting an the additional location(s) by non-law enforcement staff.

Success Metrics

  • Fingerprinting is enabled, publicized and used at an additional location.
  • The service and timing of fingerprinting is not diminished from its current service and timing.

Project Leaders

  • Sponsor: Chancellor Carol Christ
  • Project Manager: Russ Ballati
  • Technical Lead: Janet Speer

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