Employee Accommodations

Project Overview

The ADA requires employers to provide employees with disabilities with reasonable accommodations to ensure that they have equal access to employment opportunities. This includes providing accessible communication and feedback mechanisms. By launching an ADA-compliant interactive process, we can ensure that all employees have an equal opportunity to participate in the development of new processes and to have their voices heard. This will help to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

Project Details

Project Charter (Expand)

Problem Statement

The current employe accommodation process is not standardized. Supervisors, managers, and various departments are expected to execute the interactive process but do so to lesser or greater degrees. By having one standardized facilitate process this ensures all employees have equal access to accommodations.


Launch an employee disability accommodations process for Staff

  • Determine ADA Specialist responsibilities (Role staffed in P&C)

  • Ensure/Adherence to a standardized ADA Interactive Process for Staff

  • Create full transparency to the employee accommodations process

  • Determine Software needs for disability accommodations and implement

  • Determine overlap in process returns from Leaves

  • Improve the reach and efficiency of communications during active shooter incidents including all campus affiliated people, off-campus locations and non-affiliated campus visitors

  • Improve the response timing and procedures during active shooter and similar types of campus emergencies

  • Ensure awareness and training for active shooter and related incidents are available and offered for all campus affiliates and non-affiliates on campus

Success Metrics

  • Supervisors/Managers/Employees find the system usable, not complex 

  • Less investigations

  • Less expenditures

  • Get an accommodation within 30 days

Project Leaders

Sponsor: Eugene Whitlock/ Ella Callow

Project Manager: Priya Sarran

Project Team Members and Roles: Gretchen Scott (DMS), Martha Velasquez (DSP), Sharon Johnson (P&C), Aga Drygas (ELR) 

Status Report

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Project Status

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