Clery Daily Crime Log Improvements Project

Project Overview

Moving administration of the Daily Crime Log from the Clery Office back to UCPD.  With the move of the Clery Office out of UCPD, it is required by Federal policy to be moved back into UCPD.

Project Details

Project Charter (Expand)

Problem Statement

UC Berkeley needs to bolster compliance with the daily crime log requirements.


Improve Administrative Continuity of the Daily Crime log by delivering the following

  • Identify & define needed resources and ensure UCPD has support needed to transition Daily Crime Log back to UCPD in line with UC & Federal Policy 
  • Develop a Training Plan on Clery for UCPD and other staff: 3 Trainings: Clery 101, Advance Training Track by position (ongoing), Intensive DCL (Records & Dispatch)
  • Bring transparency to the current state DCL process through process design sessions with subject matter experts
  • Standardize the way calls are coded by dispatchers
  • Revise current UC Berkeley Policy on Clery including personnel and organizational changes 
  • Evaluate Record Management System (RMS) for efficiency and generate cost estimate for a new system

Success Metrics

  • UCPD owns and has the knowledge and resources to administer and publish the Daily Crime log in accordance with federal and UC compliance and regulations

Project Leaders

Sponsor: Marc Fisher and Khira Griscavage

Project Manager: Russ Ballati

Project Team Members and Roles:Abigail Ogden (Clery Compliance), Sabrina Reich (UCPD SME), Yogananda Pittman - Chief UCPD, Chris DeMarco (Change & Process Manager), Jeremy Crabb (Clery SME), UCPD Records SME’s and Supervisor

Status Report

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Project Status

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