International House True North Strategic Plan Development

Project Overview

The Strategic Plan will drive the needs of I-House and the centennial campaign. Raising funds will be smoother by having an established Strategic Plan to showcase.

Project Details

Project Charter (Expand)

Problem Statement

This is a milestone time in our history, and in these times we are presented with the opportunity to reflect on what has been successful, creating a lasting impact and looking to celebrate the future.


       Phase 1 (Jan - May 2024)

  • Establish the foundation for Strategic Planning for International House

    • Charter, Approach, Participants, Schedule, and Communication Plan

  • Planning and Working Sessions

    • Blue Sky brainstorming (SOAR)

    • Strengths and Opportunities (SOAR)

    • Confirm Mission, Vision and Values

    • Evaluate and Prioritize strategic objectives and alignment to long-term vision

    • How to Measure Success/Results/Impact

  • Finalize Plan and Long Term Vision

    • Publish True North Strategic Plan and Long-term Vision for International House

    • Identify any lingering questions, concerns or risks

    • Presentation to the Board, and other stakeholders

  • Evaluate the Process and Gather Feedback

Project Leaders

Sponsor: Shaun Carver, Bukola Mabadeje, Jay Paxton

Project Manager: Mike Cook

Strategic Planning Process Lead: Priya Sarran

I-House Strategic Planning Task Force: 

  • Bukola Mabadeje- Co-Chair
  • Charles Guo- Co-Chair 
  • Jordan Tse
  • Daniel Mouen-Makoua
  • James Lichau
  • Bob Duffy
  • Jay Paxton
  • Eugene Yano
  • Ron Silva    

Status Report

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Project Status

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