Police Accountability Board (PAB) Development

Project Overview

Designing and implementing an independent police accountability board for UCPD sworn officers. The PAB will assess complaints against sworn officers and, as appropriate, send them to independent investigators for assessment and recommendations.

Project Details

Project Charter (Expand)

Problem Statement

An opportunity exists as part of the UC Community Safety Plan to develop a civilian campus police accountability board that reviews independent investigation reports regarding complaints filed against sworn UCPD officers.


  • Create essential mechanism for community to report misconduct and ensure that officers are acting consistently with rules, policies and the law

  • Ensure that complaints regarding the conduct of sworn UCPD officers are resolved in a fair, thorough, reasonable and expeditious manner
  • PAB is independent of the campus police department, in that its members are not current or former UCPD employees

Success Metrics

  • PAB members are trained in the legal, statutory, policy and confidentiality requirements of these investigations

Project Leaders

Sponsor: Khira Griscavage

Project Manager: Chris DeMarco

Steering Committee Members: Khira Griscavage, Marc Fisher, Yogananda Pittman

Project Team Members and Roles: Kellie Brennan (OPHD), Sharon Inkelas (OFEW), Nick Endsley (BPMO), Russ Ballati (BPMO)

Project Status

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Project Closed