CALSWEC Center Close and Transfer Project

Project Overview

A smooth transition is in the best interest of UC Berkeley, the School of Social Welfare, and CalSWEC given the legacy that will always be associated with this impactful work and the lives it has changed, as well as, the multitude of relationships with potential future partners and employers at county service agencies, funding agencies, and 18 CSUs and UCLA. There is extremely limited staffing in Social Welfare’s Dean’s Office, CalSWEC will experience significant attrition in the coming months, and additional expertise is needed to reduce UC Berkeley’s risk as long-standing contracts end.

Project Details

Project Charter (Expand)

Problem Statement

California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC), is a soft-funded center that has been operating at UCB School of Social Welfare for about 30 years.  Its operations are supported by a number of contracts (predominantly funded by the State of CA).  The funding is predominantly pass-through, which the largest award being 90% pass-through to UCLA and 18 CSUs.  The center will no longer be hosted at UC Berkeley, the contracts ended/transferred, and layoffs (and non-renewal of contracts for contract employees) will be processed.  This complicated scenario requires coordination across multiple areas.


Establish PM structure to help coordinate the work needed to archive the center.
Expertise and resources in various workstreams to be provided by Social Welfare and CalSWEC.

  • Identify workstreams (HR/Layoff, Research Admin Contract Management, Programmatic Deliverables, Budget/Resources, IT, etc.)

  • Identify workstream leads

  • Develop workplan with workstream leads and Project Sponsors to complete close down/transfer for each workstream

  • Coordinate efforts across workstreams with leads

  • Provide regular project status updates to sponsor & stakeholders

Project Leaders

Sponsor: Linda Burton

Project Manager: Nick Endsley/Mike Cook

Project Team Members and Roles: 

  • Dana Kowalski, Asst. Dean for Admin. & Finance, Functional Lead
  • Kim Mayer, Center Director
  • HR/Layoff Lead: Linda Burton with support from Dana Kowalski

  • Research Admin/Budget Lead: Mavis Njoo-Lau with support from Dana Kowalski

  • Technology & Instructional Design Lead: Chris Cajeski with support from Mavis Njoo-Lau/Emily Encina

  • Title IV-E Program Lead: Carolyn Shin with support from Rose Chala

  • Integrated Behavioral Health Lead: E Maxwell Davis

  • Public Child Welfare In-Service Training Lead: Vanessa Rezos with support from Katie Perry and Aisha Siddiqui and Daphne Short

  • Communications: Kim Mayer (Supported by Center Comms & Social Welfare Comms) 

Status Report

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Project Status

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