Criminal Background Check RFP and Implementation

Project Overview

UC Berkeley is in need of a new background check system that meets the background requirements of a public institution in California.

Project Details

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Problem Statement

Recent legislation necessitates the implementation of a new background check system: 

  • California legislation restricts the Department of Justice (DOJ) from sharing information with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in certain cases. 

  • Priority is given to minimizing unnecessary biometric data collection.

  • Applicants only need to answer questions about past sexual harassment after they've been deemed qualified for the position based on other criteria.


  • Develop a comprehensive RFP: We will collaboratively create a detailed RFP document outlining the functionalities and features we require in a background check scanning system. This includes implementation specifics, desired features,  and integration needs.

  • Evaluate Vendor Solutions: We will assess proposed solutions from potential vendors against the criteria outlined in the RFP, (incl. Wide screening capabilities – national and state criminal databases, Continuous applicant background monitoring, and automated notification system)

  • Vendor Selection and Contract Award: We'll conduct a thorough evaluation process to select the most qualified vendor with a system that meets our needs. 

  • Deployment and Change Management: We'll collaborate with the selected vendor to ensure a smooth implementation of the new background check system. This includes training, data migration (if applicable) and effective change management to ensure user adoption.

Success Metrics

  • On-Time Completion
  • Budget Adherence
  • System Functionality (meets requirements) 
  • CA and federal regulation adherence 

Project Leaders

Sponsor: Eugene Whitlock

Project Manager: Mary Michael

Project Team Members: Joel Engin, Janet Speer, Colette Arreguin, Beth Pearce (Student Affairs), Jeremy Engleman (BEARS Onboarding) Ana Chavez (SHARE Onboarding), Stephanie Tang, Latara Harris (PROS Onboarding), Jan Crosbie-Taylor (People & Culture)

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