Crisis Communications Plan Development Project

Project Overview

This project aims to build a solid foundation for crisis communications to ensure the best possible response in a campus emergency. In addition to shoring up the current structure and protocols, focus will include evaluation and transition planning for the potential move to the RAVE platform from Everbridge.

Project Details

Project Charter (Expand)

Problem Statement

In the aftermath of specific campus incidents and prior work done to refine active threat preparedness, weaknesses in the current emergency response communications become evident and require enhancing.  There is an immediate need to develop and strengthen critical communications during crisis on our campus to reduce loss of life, personal injury and loss of property.


  • To establish a highly effective and manageable crisis communication governance and process infrastructure 
  • To evaluate RAVE against Everbridge and recommend a path forward 
  • To transform recent emergency communication interim solutions into permanent solutions
  • To provide support to the current BSAS funded Proserve/Everbridge project

Success Metrics

  • Process protocols and governance are utilized successfully in an emergency event or training exercise
  • Initial emergency communications are consistently sent within 10 minutes of an incident
  • Decision and transition plan (or not) are approved for RAVE use

Project Leaders

Sponsor: Jason Ferguson

Project Manager: Russ Ballati

Project Team Members: Abby Ogden (Clery), Sabrina Reich (UCPD), Janet Gilmore (Public Affairs), Patrick Holmes (Public Affairs), Chris DeMarco (BPMO), Robin Pappas (BIT)

Status Report

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Project Status

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