Independent Advisory Board (IAB) 2021 Annual Recommendations

Project Completed

Problem Statement

"I have been profoundly affected by what recent events have revealed about the state of race relations in our country and the indisputable evidence those events provide of police brutality. I hear the pain, anger, exhaustion, and calls for accountability that members of our community have shared with me in the many letters that I have received, and the many conversations I have had in recent weeks."

- Chancellor Christ 6/18/2020 email to campus

Business Case

"I agree with and support the efforts of individuals and organizations to accelerate and strengthen efforts to reexamine the role of police in society and reimagine alternative systems of community safety. Elements of our country’s law enforcement culture dehumanize some of the very people whose safety and wellness police officers are sworn to protect, especially the Black community. Here, on campus, we know and have acknowledged that we can and must do better to find new approaches to policing and community safety."     

- Chancellor Christ 6/18/2020 email to campus


  • To implement the Independent Advisory Board recommendations as accepted by the Chancellor.

Success Metrics

  • All recommendations are implemented or otherwise accounted for by the end of 2021.
  • The Chancellor & VCA approve of the recommendation implementations.
  • The IAB approves the recommendation implementations.

Project Leaders

  • Sponsor: Chancellor Carol Christ
  • Project Manager: Russ Ballati

Overall Program Status

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