UCPath and Tracker I-9 API Integration

Project Health Project Phase Target Completion Date
On Track Build and Implement 10/31/2021

Problem Statement

The UCPath HR information system requires Federal Work Authorization Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 data from a separate compliance system called Tracker I-9. During the implementation of UCPath and Tracker I-9 for UC Berkeley in March of 2019, this latter system was meant to integrate with UCPath to consolidate the employment eligibility verification data with the employee's record. However, for some years, this integration has not properly worked, requiring UC Berkeley Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) HR to process new hires and rehires in a much more manual way than previously envisioned had the Tracker I-9 API worked properly.

Now, the Tracker I-9 API has begun to work in the manner designed, and BRS HR will need to look into updating their processes and systems to align with this integration.

Business Case

If BRS HR can redesign its processes to align and take advantage of the UCPath and Tracker I-9 API to feed connect the data, this can reduce some of the many manual steps and workarounds that BRS HR must do in order to ensure the Tracker I-9 employment eligibility is attached to the employee's record in UCPath.

Additionally, these process changes and subsequent communications of earlier deadlines to departments may help new and re-rehires obtain access to systems earlier, allowing them to be more functional in the roles on Day 1.


To implement a hiring process change within BRS HR Regions and the Central Onboarding team that will allow them to take advantage of the Tracker I-9 API integration in order to reduce the manual workarounds that are currently required to connect the Tracker I-9 data to the employee's record in UCPath. With this, hopefully reduce not just the manual work, but also any duplicative or erroneous data or records, increase compliance by relying more upon the specialized systems better designed to capture this data, and ensure new/rehires are able to be productive on Day 1 of their jobs.

Success Metrics

  • Implement the new process change with BRS HR and the Central Onboarding team.

Project Leaders

  • Sponsor: Marc Fisher

  • Project Manager: Isabel Nguyen

  • Functional Lead: Jeremy Engleman

  • Change Manager: Chris DeMarco

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