Regional Onboarding

Project Completed

Problem Statement

In a centralized Onboarding team model, sometimes the hiring needs for departments cannot be addressed quickly or uniquely enough to serve their business. As an example, a hire who cannot come to in-person Onboarding but needs to teach a course on Monday, but a department has given HR two days notice. In other cases, some Departments want certain populations, such as permanent or Career staff or faculty, to be treated in a manner that is different than temporary, seasonal staff -- yet in the current process they are lumped together. Departments have requested more personalized and timely Onboarding processing by having this work be performed by their regional HR staff.

Business Case

More than ever, Onboarding processes cannot be inefficient, delayed, or impersonal. The Bay Area education (and other) sectors are extremely competitive, so to acquire, onboard, and retain top talent, it is important to be quick, responsive, thorough, and personal with Onboarding activities.


  • Affiliate Onboarding Improvements to reduce turnaround time by eliminating handoffs to the Central Onboarding team. This effort will require the creation of a DocuSign PowerForm to intake Affiliate Onboarding paperwork as well as informing departments about the new steps.

  • Provide training and process steps to the regions on how to handle their own Onboarding for smaller, high-touch populations or urgent hires.

Success Metrics

  • For the Affiliate Onboarding Improvemets:

    1. Implementation of the new process to reduce the handoff and improve turnaround time for affiliate onboarding/hiring.

    2. Implementation of the DocuSign PowerForm.

  • For the Onboarding Training and Process Steps for Regions: TBD

Project Leaders

  • Sponsor: Marc Fisher
  • Project Manager: Isabel Nguyen

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