New Employee Experience

Project Health Project Phase Target Completion Date
At Risk Build and Implement 12/31/2021

Problem Statement

New employees have stated their confusion around the hiring process, including whether they need to attend an Onboarding appointment, what documents they need to complete, how to sign up for an appointment, where to go for their appointment, and what the next steps are afterwards in regards to benefits, timekeeping, systems access, what to expect in their job, where to go for help, and more. To add to this, often the employee's first experience with the university is through mandatory hiring forms and documents versus through "warmer" welcome messaging.

Business Case

When employee's have an unwelcoming Onboarding, their experience and vision of their new employer -- the university -- can be impacted or even shattered. This could impact turnover, employee morale, and even productivity. To an extended degree, through poor Onboarding, this could lead to costly wasted time and effort, such as when a manager needs to direct an employee to the correct timesheet information to be paid, waits for an Employee ID to be emailed to their employee, or waits for instructions to be sent on how to set up access. Additionally, when documents are unclear, this puts the university at risk of being out of compliance of UCOP policies or State/Federal laws, including the I-9 Employment Eligibility form, and that can lead to fines or even loss of grants and funding.


  • Launch People & Culture New Employee Welcome Emails, consisting of a month long series of emails to new hires that contain key information and resources about campus life, policies, and benefits as well as the Chancellor's Welcome video; then, automating this.
  • Improved hiring and work authorization paperwork and instructions to New Hires, including the DocuSign hire packet, follow up "to do" activities, checklists, and websites.
  • Improved Regional Welcome Emails consisting of the new hire's Employee ID number, personalized timekeeping instructions, and other follow-up actions; then, automating this.

Success Metrics

  • Regional Welcome Emails with Employee ID and Payroll instructions are sent in less time than it currently takes (Example: 3 days versus 24 hours)
  • P&C Welcome Emails are sent to every new hire of the UC Berkeley campus after launch
  • Process to send the P&C Welcome Email is automated
  • Survey sent to hires to gather baseline feedback and values on their UC Berkeley Onboarding experience, then improve these values

Project Leaders

  • Sponsor: Marc Fisher
  • Project Manager: Isabel Nguyen

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Project Status as of November 2021

Learn more about how we define Project Health and Project Phase. 

Learn more about how we define Project Health and Project Phase. 

Project Health: At Risk

Risk/Issue Details

  • Type of Risk/Issue: Schedule
  • Description: 
    • P&C Welcome Emails - The schedule may be delayed. The team has increasingly found it difficult to obtain an accurate list of "new hires or rehires" to receive the emails. Without this list, we will not be able to launch the emails successfully.
    • Improved Onboarding DocuSigns (ProS and SHARE): The schedule is delayed and a new date is TBD until we can 1) determine how to transfer the improved DocuSign packets correctly 2) finalize any concerns around work authorization policies with WAQA.
  • Mitigation Plan:
    • P&C Welcome Emails - A number of technical and reporting experts across campus have been brought in to help us acquire the list and come up with a solution to this.
    • Improved Onboarding DocuSigns (ProS and SHARE): ProS is working with an IT analyst on DocuSign and will escalate to DocuSign if needed. If not, both SHARE and ProS will recreate the packets into their DocuSign accounts.

Project Phase: Build and Implement

Recent Accomplishments

  • P&C New Hire Welcome Emails
    • P&C continues to work on the process for gathering the new hire email addresses, loading this to the Mailchimp software, and subsequently removing the email addresses once the series of emails is complete.

Upcoming Milestones

  • P&C Welcome Emails
    • 8/15/2021 - Finalize CalNet reports and source of data
    • 10/1/2021 - Email content completed and content stylized in Mailchimp
    • 10/4/2021 (3 weeks of effort) - Chazey Partners (bot writers) to record Douglas McSkimming (the “bot supervisor) doing the process manually; may need testing rounds over the 3 week period that will require time with the bot supervisor as well.
  • Improved Onboarding DocuSigns (ProS and SHARE)
    • TBD