Project Completed

Problem Statement

Within the hiring process for staff, academic, and student populations, process inefficiencies and redundancies, data entry errors, resource constraints, and/or other issues exist that prevent hire appointment information from being entered into the UCPath HR information system punctually, which then impacts the hire's systems access and pay. This could prevent an employee from being productive, which then leads to wasted dollars and time for the university. There is a critical need to implement Automation tools that will help streamline these processes and reduce turnaround time in order to ensure accurate, timely pay and systems access for hires. Examples of inefficiencies include re-keying data from one form to another, redundant approvals in different systems or in UCPath, unnecessary reprocessing actions, and inconsistencies in processing between transactional staff both at UC Berkeley and at the UCPath Center.

Business Case

As department budgets grow thinner and resources are more constrained, there is much less time and much fewer staff to do manual work when an appointment needs to be transacted or to re-work/reprocess actions when something doesn't go right. More than ever, it's critical for staff to do less with less, and the key to achieving this is Automation.


The objectives of this process include Automating as much and as many hiring transactional activities from one department to another, including the entry of hire requests to sending online documents to new hires to keying in their information to the HR system. Automation can consist of online desktop software called "Bots" that mimic and emulate keystrokes, setting up rules and triggers in online systems to expedite processes, or bypassing redundant steps through "Mass Uploading" data directly into the UCPath system. The major objectives of this project include: Staff and Student Hiring Bots, Summer Sessions Hiring Bots, Summer Salary Hiring Bots, Welcome Email Bots, ASE/GSR Mass Upload, Summer Salary Mass Funding Upload, and more...

Success Metrics

  • Reduce UCPath transactional entry time to take less time than it would to manually key each transaction (Example: 30 minutes to transact one hire versus 10 minutes)
  • Reduce the number of people it takes to process the same number of transactions (Example: 1 person to do 100 transactions a week versus 2 people)
  • Reduce turnaround time to process a transaction (Example: 3 days to approve a request through the UCPath Center versus 24 hours; 2 days to send a Welcome email versus 24 hours; 48 hours to move signed DocuSign files from one folder to another versus instantaneous)

Project Leaders

  • Sponsor: Marc Fisher
  • Project Manager: Janet Speer
  • Technical Lead: Janet Speer

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