UCPath 2.0

Project Completed

Problem Statement

Since UCPath has been live, a number of issues and opportunities for improvement have been identified. At the moment, there is no standardized intake/escalation model for various stakeholders (including end-users) around campus to raise their issues about UCPath business processes and/or technical aspects. In parallel, the UCPath Operations team does not have a standardized, organized method for working on issues that are raised to the team.

Business Case

We need to address priority UCPath related issues raised since its conversion in March 2019 and build a model for continued management.


  • Manage approved prioritized UCPath projects to completion
  • Create an ongoing intake/escalation model that will allow stakeholders to raise their issues to the UCPath Operations team if they have business process or technical change requests
  • Create a standardized project model that will allow the UCPath Operations team to assign work to team members, prioritize issues, and efficiently work on these escalated items

Success Metrics

  • Process improvement workstreams are implemented within the timeframes identified
  • Escalation model is incorporated into the operational process
  • Measures of success within each workstream are identified and met

Project Team

  • Sponsor: Rich Lau
  • Project Manager: Russ Ballati
  • Technology Lead: Jose Madrigal
  • Business Analyst: Isabel Nguyen
  • Process Analyst: Anne Ho
  • Change Manager: Jan Crosbie-Taylor