SB 698 Wage Claims Response

Project Completed

Problem Statement

Senate Bill 698, an amendment to a law governing employee pay, is going into effect on 1/1/2020. UC Berkeley stands to incur significant fines and penalties with its current missing, incorrect and late pay issues.

Business Case

Communication and protocols must be established to handle and reduce Senate Bill 698 wage claims, and prevent fines and penalties. 


  • Communicate SB 698 and its impacts appropriately
  • Establish a short term response plan while implementing a permanent solution
  • Set up a sustainable monitoring, escalation and response process for complaints related to missing, incorrect, and late pay
  • Establish an accountability model for paying fines related to missing, incorrect, and late pay

Success Metrics

  • Process improvement projects are implemented within the timeframes identified
  • Escalation model is incorporated into the operational process

Project Team

  • Sponsors: Marc Fisher & Eugene Whitlock
  • Functional Lead: Rich Lau
  • Project Manager: Russ Ballati
  • Business Lead: Janet Speer
  • Business Analyst: Isabel Nguyen
  • Process Analyst: Anne Ho
  • Change Manager: Jan Crosbie-Taylor