Faculty Curriculum and Pedagogy

Project Health Project Phase Target Completion Date
On Track Build and Implement 12/31/2021

Problem Statement

Racism has been declared a public health crisis. Schools and programs of public health have an imperative to train the next cadre of public health practitioners and scholars with the knowledge, skills, and tools for antiracist and racial equity praxis in the real world. Faculty require the skills for practicing anti-racist pedagogy inside and outside of the classroom and advancing an effectual anti-racist and racial justice curriculum.

Business Case

Centering antiracism and racial equity praxis in Berkeley Public Health (BPH) educational mission will improve our ability to recruit, retain and graduate a highly qualified and diverse student body for addressing the most vexing public health challenge of our time. Our ability to do this depends on curricular and pedagogical relevance.


  • Develop initial 1-, 3-, and 5-year goals, objectives, strategies and metrics (KPIs) for instituting anti-racist pedagogy/praxis in BPH by 5/1/21.
  • Develop a set of anti-racism and racial equity competencies by 5/1/21 to guide curricular planning and faculty development goals.
  • Identify existing human capital and curricular strengths/assets and limitations/liabilities by 5/30/22 to guide curricular planning and pedagogical transformation.
  • Establish and implement short-term (by 5/14/21) plan for foundational amd advanced anti-racism/racial-equity/anti-racist pedagogy training for all BPH faculty while planning for longer-term sustainability strategies.
  • Establish and implement plan for integrating anti-racism & racial equity competencies into core curriculum and BPH leadership experiences (core MPH leadership course, GSI pedagogy course, student internship experience, DrPH program) and accompanying evaluation plan by 5/15/22.

Success Metrics

  • Faculty training evaluation (participation; satisfaction; increased knowledge, self efficacy, motivation and commitment to anti-racist and racial equity praxis)
  • Increased climate/racial justice score on course evals
  • Course/instructor effectiveness score>6 for spring anti- racism graduate student elective

Project Leaders

  • Sponsor: Michael Lu
  • Project Co-Leads: Amani Allen, Deborah Barnett
  • Program Manager: Priya Sarran

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Project Status as of November 2021

Learn more about how we define Project Health and Project Phase. 

Learn more about how we define Project Health and Project Phase.

Project Health: On Track

Risk/Issue Details

  • Type of Risk/Issue: Budget
  • Description: Funding for this project has become a known constraint from the possible execution of core components of the program. We need funding for GSR's as well as speakers and community initiatives. We also hope to engage students in this work and would like to give some payment for their time spent.
  • Mitigation Plan:
    • Roadshow of Anti-Racist Program to various groups on UC Berkeley campus
    • Formed a West Coast Alliance. Showcasing work for fundraising opportunities
    • Justify budget ask for upcoming Fiscal Year

Project Phase: Build and Implement

Recent Accomplishments

  • September 2021: Secured $50k in funding from Susan Chamberlain to support our second Anti-racist Pedagogy Faculty Leadership Academy (FLA)

Upcoming Milestones

  • New anti-racist course evaluation questions added to all BPH courses effective Fall 2021
  • VP appointment in process for Dr. Zea Malawa for deeper engagement in ARC4JSTC and to help build bridges with the Changemaker program
  • Booster sessions for the Anti-Racist Faculty Leadership Academy (FLA) in Spring '22
  • Map the anti-racist competencies into all courses offered in BPH
  • Launch the Bias Reporting Form