Staff and Workforce Development

Project Completed

Problem Statement

There is not a consistent baseline anti-racist awareness, understanding, language, and commitment to structural change among Berkeley Public Health (BPH) personnel. There are limited forums and resources to stimulate dialogue, learning, and action among staff and other non-instructional personnel to advance anti-racism.

Business Case

Anti-racist action is vital to the advancement of public health research, teaching, and practice, and inclusion of staff and other non-instructor personnel in the school’s anti-racist efforts is necessary for shifting culture. Creating opportunities for BPH employees to align themselves with the school’s mission, vision, and values, through intentional and systematic anti-racist training and praxis, will help advance the school’s mission further. Institutionalizing anti-racist trainings and programs for BPH personnel to dismantle racist structures and engage in brave spaces is also necessary for staff well-being, personal and professional development, and overall success as employees of a school of public health.


  • By Fall 2020, identify project team members; seek input on project charter from Staff Advisory Council, and develop 1, 3, 5, year goals, objectives, strategies and metrics.
  • By spring 2021, develop a shared, foundational understanding and skill set related to anti-racism and racial equity among non-faculty/non-instructor employees -- staff, other academics, and other employees.
  • By spring 2021, create a space for non-faculty/non-instructor employees -- staff, other academics, and other employees to engage, interact, and develop anti-racist competencies. Formalize brave spaces to encourage and facilitate dialogue and healing.
  • By fall 2021, create a Champion program or Academy to parallel (or work with) the Faculty/ instructor program.

Success Metrics

  • Anti-racism and racial equity baseline training developed and completed (mandatory, compliance).
  • Non-faculty personnel Champion Academy created and implemented.
  • Evaluation of baseline training and Champion Academy.
  • Engagement in other campus offerings to deepen learning and engagement and promote healing.

Project Leaders

  • Sponsor: Michael Lu
  • Project Lead: Michelle Azurin
  • Program Manager: Priya Sarran

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Overall Program Status

Learn more about how we define Project Health and Project Phase. 

Learn more about how we define Project Health and Project Phase.