Optimizing Processes for UCPath Transactions

Problem Statement

There is significant work to align UC Berkeley processes with the UCPath system and address process challenges that stem directly from implementing a new system of this magnitude, as well as address longstanding issues that are now highlighted by the system and needs to be reworked.

Business Case

Having clear, consistent, and efficient business processes is critical for timely and error-free management of the UC Berkeley workforce. Current issues leading up to and arising from UCPath transactions include inefficient activities, duplication of activities, and poorly defined processes, roles, and responsibilities. Not addressing these issues will result in continued transaction delays, missed pay, administrative rework, and wasted time and resources.


Processes addressed through this project will:

  • Minimize waste and inefficiency
  • Be clearly defined
  • Be standardized to the fullest extent possible
  • Have process owners identified
  • Shared with and made accessible to stakeholders

New UCPath Operations processes will be developed for:

  • Change control when UCPC implements process changes
  • Gathering stakeholder input when UCPC seeks feedback on proposed process changes

Project Leaders

  • Sponsor: Marc Fisher
  • Functional Lead: Stacey Alvarez
  • Project Manager: Anne Ho
  • Change Manager: Jan Crosbie-Taylor
  • Process Lead: Anne Ho