BRS II Program

Project Completed

Problem Statement

Without attention put towards refining the Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) governance and building awareness of its existence and features, the BRS model will struggle to achieve its goal of integrated services and improved relationships between faculty and staff.

Business Case

Berkeley Regional Services is a strategic initiative for improving service to and communication between the faculty and staff. BRS II will solidify the regional model and its success through refined governance, awareness building and branding.


  • Promote and build awareness of the Berkeley Regional Services to faculty & staff
  • Drive faculty and staff to their region webpages for access to all campus online tools
  • Establish the governance framework for prioritizing and moving projects through to completion

Success Metrics

  • 75% faculty and staff visit region webpages monthly by July 2020
  • 50% of faculty and staff visit region webpages at least 3x/month by July 2020
  • Prioritized project portfolio established by RADs and RDs and made aware to all faculty and staff

Project Team

  • Sponsor: Ann Jeffrey
  • Functional Leads: Regional Directors
  • Project Manager: Russ Ballati
  • Communication Leads: Arliss Nakken, Bill Reichle