BPH Strategic Plan Program Implementation

Project Completed

Problem Statement

Berkeley Public Health (BPH) has issued the following strategic vision:

For more than 75 years, Berkeley Public Health has been changing the world. In the coming decade, we are going all in to tackle four of the most pressing public health problems of our time.

  • Climate change: Leading climate solutions through groundbreaking research and policy actions on air pollution
  • Pandemic outbreaks: Preventing future pandemics through molecular discoveries and public health solutions
  • Chronic diseases: Optimizing prevention and management of chronic diseases through disruptive innovations in health technologies and systems
  • Social inequality: Tackling the root causes of social inequality across the life course

BPH needs a methodical approach to identify organizational priorities, organize activities, and ensure accountability so that the BPH leadership team can effectively monitor and advise on progress towards achieving this strategic vision.

Business Case

Implementation of the True North Strategic Plan framework will:

  • Provide clarity and transparency to generate awareness, alignment, and engagement so that BPH leadership, strategic project contributors, and community clearly understand the current priorities for BPH and know their role in supporting these priorities.
  • Ensure accountability in the execution of strategic activities through a defined plan with timelines, responsible owners, and success metrics identified.
  • Promote continuous improvement so that advancements are sustained and BPH builds upon progress already achieved.


  • Establish a framework for strategic planning in BPH.
  • Start tracking progress of strategic initiatives in FY21.

Success Metrics

  • 100% of strategic projects submit status updates by specified deadlines.
  • 100% of strategic project portfolio dashboards are published by specified deadlines.
  • 100% of strategic project teams are able to identify True North strategic priorities addressed by the project.

Project Team

  • Sponsor: Michael Lu
  • SPH Leads: Priya Mehta, Seana Van Buren, and Estefani Barba
  • Project Manager: Anne Ho

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