BPH Portfolio Management Process

Project Completed

Problem Statement

With an extensive portfolio of projects and activities, and projects potentially at risk for having resources overallocated, Berkeley Public Health (BPH) needs a solution to organize and consolidate high-level data about current projects and ongoing activities. BPH leadership needs to be able to use this solution to review progress towards organizational goals, facilitate collaboration and informed decision-making, identify and mitigate risks, and be responsive to emerging needs.

Business Case

The portfolio management process will enable BPH leadership to:

  • Reconcile resource bandwidth with the amount of work to be done
  • Identify potential delays and bottlenecks, and put in place measures to mitigate risks
  • Ensure accountability in the execution of projects through defined timelines and responsible owners, and regular status updates


  • Implement tools and techniques for managing and prioritizing BPH projects and key activities.

Success Metrics

  • BPH Leadership Team can easily identify peak periods and resource (people) constraints, and approach annual activities proactively.
  • 100% of ad hoc projects have charters; projects align with True North.

Project Team

  • Sponsor: Michael Lu
  • SPH Leads: Priya Mehta, Seana Van Buren, and Estefani Barba
  • Project Manager: Anne Ho

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