Why Process Architecture?

Create Structure from Chaos

Supports the Institution to operationalize business strategy. Guided by measurable key performance indicators for our objectives and strategies.

Implement Effective Process Improvement

The only way to confirm that you are really doing effective process improvement is to document and arrive at a shared understanding of the relationships and interdependencies between your key business processes in a Process Architecture.

Deliver Value

Discovers, Defines, and Documents the value pathways at UC Berkeley. Cross-functional business processes are the primary way our institution can focus and deliver value (competitive advantage & services) to our partners, clients, and stakeholders across the organization.

Prioritize Resources

It is very important to prioritize the limited resources you have to do projects and process improvement. Coordinates projects that may be working on the same process across different projects.

Enhance Communication

Provoke powerful communications, engage stakeholders and provide a central repository of process information, ownership and process adherence. Utilize visual communication to drive change. Locate and index processes to understand and discuss with peers where our processes are and how they are executed and what they deliver. Lead through transparency.

Drive Strategic Alignment

Aligns processes and prioritizes projects using a common set of criteria rather than politics or emotion. Ensures new and existing projects are aligned to process and the mission, goals and objectives. Drives process adherence accountability, and ownership with strategic direction and provides structure for process governance to avoid duplication and waste.