Re-Thinking Our Process Maps (UC Tech 2021)

Re-Thinking Our Process Maps

Re-thinking our process maps

Video Description

If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing Process maps can be difficult to create, are not easily translated for general audiences, and can become stale quickly. UCSD, UCB, and UCSB have leveraged Promapp to make process maps which are relatable, effective, multifaceted, and sustainable. Our campuses have approached usage of the tool differently, while also learning from each other's growth. We intend to share how these process maps have helped our campuses in developing process awareness, driving process improvement, and assisted in our response to the challenges presented by COVID. These maps are aiding with onboarding new staff, providing transparency to stakeholders, driving new process design, and facilitating future state discussions. In this session we intend not only to share our successes and challenges, but also to display in real time the benefits we have experienced in using this tool, by creating a dynamic process map spontaneously provided by the audience.