Mental Health Response

Project Health Project Phase Target Completion Date
On Track Build and Implement 7/31/2023

Problem Statement

Recent acknowledgement and concerns about harmful or violent police responses in the country against individuals with mental health issues or other history, particularly those from marginalized populations, has led the UC Berkeley community to reassess the emergency and crisis response method and approach used by UCPD to respond to issues in the community.

Business Case

Redesigning the campus' mental health response program will offer an innovated approach to handling mental health crises in and around campus and is an important component to the Chancellor's Reimagining UC Berkeley Campus and Community Safety Program.


  • To establish the appropriate mental health response model for handling issues around mental health in the community and how to remove it from police response, unless a police response is needed.

Success Metrics

  • A Mental Health Response program is designed with consensus from the Mental Health Response Advisory Committee and approved by the Chancellor.
  • The implementation of the approved Mental Health Response program is adequately prepared for handing over to an implementation team.

Project Leaders

  • Sponsor: Chancellor Carol Christ
  • Project Managers: Russ Ballati and Isabel Nguyen
  • Committee Members: Aaron Cohen, Adisa Anderson, Alfred Earl Day III, Ann Jeffrey, Ari Neulight, Guy Nicolette, Joey Williams, Khira Griscavage, Laura Alie, Lisa Quach, Mahasin Mujahid, Marc Fisher, Margo Bennett, Peter Cornish, Peyton Provenzano, Rucker Johnson, Sabrina Reich, Samuel Santos, Victoria Vera

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Project Status as of November 2021

Learn more about how we define Project Health and Project Phase. 

Learn more about how we define Project Health and Project Phase. 

Project Health: On Track

Risk/Issue Details

  • Type of Risk/Issue: Resource
  • Description: With awaiting formal funding approval, the Compassionate Crisis Response Director position was delayed and may not complete by the launch of phase I.
  • Mitigation Plan:
    • The team is planning various scenarios related to launching the program with or without the director being on board at the time of launch.

Project Phase: Build and Implement

Recent Accomplishments

  • October 2021: Funding Approval - The Budget Finance Committee approved funding for the first year of operations

Upcoming Milestones

  • December 2021-January 2022: Community Co-Design & Marketing - The team will be meeting with various affinity groups across campus to help with the design for response to mental health crisis
  • December 2021: Dispatch/UCPD/UHS Training - Defining and training for new crisis response protocols for the new dispatch service, UCPD, and UHS
  • January 2022: Hiring of the new Compassionate Crisis Response Director
  • Febuary 2022: Launch of Compassionate Crisis Response Phase I - Includes the new dispatch service, marketing/co-design, and establishing the initial UHS the Compassionate Crisis Response team