Process Champion Network (PCN)

Welcome to the Process Champion Network (PCN)

Together we are co-designing the future of process at UCB and all our efforts will continue to propel UC Berkeley and grow process maturity on campus -- the impact is already huge!

As a Process Champion you have the opportunity to grow and share your knowledge, contributing to the alignment, accessibility, transparency and innovation of processes across UC Berkeley.  Let’s keep building on the strong momentum we’re already seeing.

Interested in joining the PCN? Send us a message!

Join us this Wednesday, Spetember 13 from 11:00am - 11:50am!

Here's the link to join.

Upcoming PCN Meetings

DateMeeting Topic
Sep 13, 2023Defining and supporting active sponsorship.
Nov 8, 2023Online repository of UC Berkeley’s end-to-end Processes

Past PCN Meetings


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DateMeeting Topic
Sep 30, 2021
PCN Kick Off


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DateMeeting Topic
Jan 18, 2023
Celebrating Success
Mar 15, 2023
Process as the New Normal
May 17, 2023
Process Improvement
July 12, 2023
Tips for Process Documentation and Facilitation