PCN Slack

Connect with the Process Champion Network (PCN) on Slack, your official PCN networking platform. Slack is an online communication and collaboration environment.

Find and join channels of interest and start or join conversations about process, Promapp, best practices, share your successes, challenges, ask for advice and most importantly, have fun and connect with friends new and old.

Please take a few minutes to read everything below to help you get started with Slack and to learn about the Channels in the PCN Workspace.

Create Your Account


You’ll need to create an account using your UCB email address to join the Process Champion Network (PCN) workspace.

NOTE: Be sure to create your account by entering your UCB email address; don’t log in with Google.

     Create your Slack account.


You can either choose to add Process Champion Network (PCN) workspace as a new Slack user or link it to your existing Slack account.

  • If you want to link the Process Champion Network (PCN) workspace to your existing account, use the same email you currently login into Slack with.

  • After you confirm your email, you can add the Process Champion Network (PCN) workspace to the desktop Slack app by clicking on the “+” in the app to add workspaces. When prompted, type in processchampion into the your-workspace-url field and click continue.

  • When the app re-opens the processchampion workspace should now be visible in your list of workspaces.

Contact us if you continue to have issues.

Getting Started With Slack

NOTE: Be sure to log in by entering your UCB email address; don’t log in with Google.

Update your profile

Slack is a great networking tool, but only if you let people know who you are! Fill out your profile completely, including your role, job title and more.

Channels & direct messages

Slack has public and private “channels” (or chatrooms) for information exchange and conversation. If you have a question, ask it on a channel dedicated to that topic. If you can answer a question in your area of expertise, please do so!

Curious what channels to join?

Everyone is automatically enrolled in the #introductions channel; this channel is for saying hi and introducing yourself to the PCN Slack community. We also suggest the following channels:

  • #introductions — Everyone is automatically invited to this channel when you first join the workspace. Say hi and introduce yourself to the PCN community. 
  • #announcements — This channel is for announcements from the BPM Office.
  • #general — General discussions about process, Promapp, best practices, etc.
  • #promapp-issues — This channel is for Promapp users to post questions about issues with functionality, system issues, etc. and for our Promapp Administrator (Nick Endsley) to post updates on issues escalated to Nintex.
  • #team-* — A variety of team channels representing different departments around the campus. Feel free to use these channels for your teams to have a space for process architecture/process discussions or join in with other teams and learn about what they do! (see #team-411 for a list)
  • #recognition — People need to receive praise for a job well done. This channel gives an opportunity to recognize each other and build trusting relationships.

There may be additional channels in the future related to specific topics such as KPIs, Change Management, Project Management, Facilitation and other areas of interest. Keep an eye out for announcements. 

Communicating one-on-one and with small groups

In Slack you can also have one-to-one or small group messages between individuals. Direct messages (DMs) are best used as an alternative to casual emails, where quick conversation is the objective.


Slack has default notifications to help keep you informed of what is happening, including desktop, mobile, and email notifications. You can configure these notifications to ensure you get information when and how you want it.

Here’s when you’ll receive desktop and mobile notifications by default:

These defaults apply to both desktop and mobile notifications unless you configure your preferences. For more information, see the Slack guide to Slack notifications and article on how to configure your Slack notifications.

Relevant Policies and Use Practices

Slack is an informal communication tool so you can phrase things conversationally; please keep in mind that normal standards about treating others with respect and courtesy apply. In addition, all Process Champion Network (PCN) Slack users must adhere to the University of California Standards of Ethical Conduct and the Electronic Communications Policy. The Business Process Management Office reserves the right to revoke access for any individual that violates relevant use policies.

While the Process Champion Network (PCN) administrators will not have automatic access to private channels and chats in the platform, we are obligated and will take appropriate actions to respond and investigate any complaints of inappropriate conduct/abuse, as per the relevant policies highlighted above.

For questions related to data privacy, please refer to Slack’s outline regarding data ownership and privacy principles. The Business Process Management Office is the official owner of this Slack team, and serves as the owner of all current and archived data in this forum.

The Business Process Management Office may use the official #announcements Slack channel to broadcast announcements and administrative reminders as a complement to existing channels of communication.

Slack Guides and Help

If you are brand new to Slack, you may want to read the Slack Quick Start Guide