Everbridge Warning Notification

Project Overview

Assessing emergency notifications and the use of Everbridge to support them.  Included are defining ownership for each emergency communications method, reviewing and revising processes and protocols, and reevaluating ongoing training.

Project Details

Project Charter (Expand)

Problem Statement

UC Berkeley needs to bolster compliance in the area of Emergency Notifications and improve critical safety infrastructure on campus.  


  • To identify ownership of emergency communication channels & critical safety infrastructure- including Everbridge, Bluelight phones, loudspeaker, cameras/alarms

  • To develop Test Schedule for each communication channel where applicable

  • To establish and incorporate Emergency Communications ongoing training

  • To review and revise the emergency communication process and procedures

  • To review and revise support structure for prolonged response communications (including EOC activations)

  • Evaluate and Identify expansion options for Everbridge Communications Tool to broaden number of endpoints for messaging

Success Metrics

Project Leaders

Sponsor: Khira Griscavage

Project Manager: Russ Ballati

Project Team Members and Roles:Abby Ogden - Functional Lead; Chris DeMarco - Change/Process Manager; Sabrina Reich - UCPD SME; Patrick Holmes - Communications SME; Michael Thompson - EOC SME; Yogananda Pittman - Chief UCPD; Seamus Wilmot - OEM SM; Dave Browne - Alarms/Cameras

Status Report

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Overall Program Status

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DateStatus Update
6/1/2023Everbridge Meeting with BIT CIO on system security.
6/23/2023Everbridge Ownership & Governance Model Introduced.
7/1/2023Project folded under Active Threat Project as of 7/1/2023.