Emergency Operations Center Rebuild Project

Project Overview

Creating a new space for the EOC to convene during activations and training. The space will be a larger more robust location including a capacity of 36 with the EOC, breakout rooms, as needed, and a new space for the ECMT to meet nearby.

Project Details

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Problem Statement

The Emergency Operations Center doesn't have a good place to convene during an emergency, creating a potential security challenge when every second counts.


  • Build out a conference room in Warren Hall to enable the EOC to gather during times of emergency
  • Ensuring technology is capable for the needs of the EOC
  • Make the conference room suitable for use by other departments when not in use by the EOC (if possible)

Success Metrics

Project Leaders

Sponsor: Seamus Wilmot

Project Manager: Russ Ballati and Isabel Nguyen

Project Team Members and Roles: Alicia Johnson (Functional Owner), Jed Mark (Capital Projects), Sarah Pecora (Warren Buidling Lead)Maria Garcia-Alvarez and Andrew Weiss (Space Management Leads), and Arliss Nakken (Communications)

Status Report

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Project Status

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