BPH Staff Changemakers Project

Project Health Project Phase Target Completion Date
On Track Build and Implement 10/31/2023

Problem Statement

Berkeley Public Health can only become the best place for staff to work at UC Berkeley if staff are empowered and resourced to bring about the changes and improvement they want to see. These resources include skills and experience in a number of competencies (e.g., leading change, process improvement, project management, etc.) that are not currently found widespread among our staff members.

Business Case

“Less with less” must come from within our organization. It is now more critical than ever that we make meaningful progress in this area (given, for example, remote working, budget reductions, staff morale and retention concerns). To achieve this outcome at scale, we need to ‘build muscle’ throughout our staff workforce in a number of competencies. By developing a cadre of staff “changemakers,” and Business Process Excellence Masters, we will truly enable taking our organization to the next level.


  • Over three years, comprehensively train 18 staff members in leadership competencies and business process excellence, and execute at least nine improvement (“changemaker”) projects.

Success Metrics

  • Number of staff who successfully complete the program.
  • Number of projects completed during the program and associated outcomes.
  • Positive reviews from participants of the program and outcomes.
  • Number of “champion” BPE certifications pursued by participants after the program.

Project Leaders

  • Sponsor: Michael Lu
  • Project Manager: Mike Cook

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Project Status in progress

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Project Health: On Track

Project Phase: Build and Implement

Recent Accomplishments

  • Finalized content of BPE Process Pro course
  • February 2021: First cohort of students started BPE Process Pro training on bCourses

Upcoming Milestones