Additional Promapp Process Metrics

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Solid! There are 304 Trained Promapp Users at UCB as of May 31, 2022!

Curious what the Top 5 viewed Processes in FY21 were? We were too, here they are. 

Process Name           FY21 Views 
Complete COVID-19 Employee Temp Remote Work Agreement                                                          647
Process COVID-19 FFCRA Leaves: EPSL and EFML             561
Enroll in Employee Initiated Reduction In Time (ERIT) Program             550
Process COVID-19 UC EPAL Requests (for Academic Appointees)             431
COVID-19 Request Hiring Freeze Exception             334

See the other top viewed FY21 processes here.

Look at what these Groups did!
# of New Processes By Group (Top 4) (FY21)

Group Name# of New Processes (FY21)
University Extension 72
BRS 50
Cal Performances 42

What's happening in FY22? Here are the Top viewed processes FY22 (as of May 31, 2022). 

Who's in the Top 4 now? # of New Processes By Group (Top 4) (FY22) As of January 31, 2022.

Group Name# of New Processes (FY22)
University Extension 56
BRS 20
Capital Strategies 17
BPH 15

We get it, detailed 'Promapp Process Metrics by Group' is exciting to see over and over again. 

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